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The Southwest

The U.S. - Mexican Border: The Tortilla Curtain

May 8, 2015 — I guess the government felt that the barbed wire fence tied to the top of the chain-linked fence dividing the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso and what it does to your physical being, not to mention your psyche, is not enough to keep people from trying to climb it. The chain link fence above is said to have sharp razors.

The black fence in the background - known as the "Tortilla Curtain" - was built in 1979 in an effort to keep immigrants out of El Paso. It was met with great criticism not only because people feel it cost a lot of tax payer's money to build it, but also because it is dark, impersonal and looms over border life on both sides.

Lights and cameras rise high, looking for action.

On the other side of this fence, located alongside a playground off of Paisano Street in El Paso, Border Patrol sit to watch and guard against Juarences climbing the fence.


The playground above has been set up in the El Paso side of the "Tortilla Curtain." Children play here while families in the U.S. side wait looking to catch glimpses of those on the other side. When they see someone, because of the many layers of barbed wire and fence, all they can do is wave.

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