The Northwest
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The Northwest



July 22, 2016 | 9:00PM — We leave Washington State late in the evening, bound for Alaska. I’m filled with anticipation and excitement! This sign greets us as we arrive.

It’s a quick flight — about two hours as the crow flies — and we arrive close to 10:00PM. Roblin meets us at the airport holding an umbrella because it had been raining. Before he takes us to his home, he gives us a quick tour of Juneau at night, to prepare us for the next day’s adventures.

I notice there are lots of lights sparkling brightly despite the late-night hour. The reflection bounces off the cloudy skies, reflects on the wet roads and then back up as it fills the night around us.

It can’t be the Northern Lights because I looked it up and learned before my trip that unfortunately for us, this was not the season to see this wonderful phenomenon.

July 23, 2016 — The next morning, as we head out to the center of Juneau in the chilly-wet weather, the skies are still dark and the lights are still on, but it’s not as bright as the night before.


And it’s raining …

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