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Phoenix, Arizona: Roosevelt Row & The Gentrification Factor

May 11, 2015 — I arrived in Phoenix, AZ on May 11th and my son José took me to Roosevelt Row. This neighborhood borders Downtown Phoenix and is lined with funky artists studios, coffee shops and community gardens. I especially love all the colorful murals on many of the buildings. I spotted this school bus and dumpster out of the corner of my eye and walked down an alley to take this pic. Some people may call this graffiti, and others call it art.

Murals. Lovely murals!


A community garden being installed to complement this mural entitled "Mother Earth" that looks over this area.


Roosevelt Row (so called because that is the name of the main street that runs through it) is one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in the city. There is tension among artists and city planners because this neighborhood, which borders Downtown Phoenix and home to many, has now become a tourist destination. However, seeking to capitalize on a newly revitalized downtown, developers have plans to line streets with tall palm trees and to build several hundred new apartment units to attract more residents. Word has it, these plans include leveling many of the buildings being used by the artists on Roosevelt Street and thus taking away their livelihood.

Border life within city life can get complicated.

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